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The Sniper Ghost Warrior series took a pretty major deviation from the formula for the launch of their third installment that released in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Going from what was a linear experience in the first two games to something that had an open world, the series is back to its roots with Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts… for better or worse. While Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 wasn’t necessarily the pinnacle of the series, it seems like it gave CI Games some ideas about the future of the series. Which is where we are with Contracts, as it feels like somewhat of a hybrid game that gives players a little bit of that open world or sandbox feel while giving players a linear path to the end of this single player experience.

Just like most sniping games, taking a shot in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is both an art and a science. You need to pay attention to factors like the wind strength and direction just as much as how far away the target is, and even though your rifle’s optics do a great job of guiding you by showing how the bullet will drop off, lining up shots can be extremely tough. One contract required me to take out a woman who’d hired a body double, and I didn’t have the intel to tell them apart so I had to kill both. The issue is if you kill one, the other is alerted immediately, no matter where she is, and runs for the bunker. After shooting the first one I had to make a shot at a range of 350 meters at a moving target in high wind... and pulled it off! That was easily the most satisfying moment of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts for me, having prevailed against all odds.

Graphically Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is mostly only okay. It does look decent enough on the surface, with some solid weather effects and some nice use of light and shadow. I played on a fairly high-spec PC, but I have to be honest and say that I left it on the default settings because when I ramped everything up to Ultra I didn’t see enough of a difference to warrant the added oomph. It runs smoothly, maintains its frames for the most part, but does hit the occasional glitch, particularly with collision detection and corpse twitch. The age-old issue of NPCs repeating their lines also pops up regularly, and it’s kind of just something you’ll learn to tune out. I haven’t noticed anything game-breaking or that even really negatively affects my enjoyment though.

With the game being a stealth game there is a fail state to that stealth, and that’s when the enemies see you and start shooting back. This is probably the worst aspect of Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts as things start moving fast and you get to see some rough first person shooter action on display. From the aforementioned performance problems that will likely crop up once there’s a little more action on the screen to throwaway weapons that feel loose and weightless, this action is avoidable at all costs. The good news is that you can head for the hills and return once things calm down, and that’s probably the best way to approach things once you’ve alerted the enemies.

There is a litany of gadgets at your disposal, too. You can spend cash you earn from completing contracts to unlock powerful new guns and upgrades for your suit and visor, such as the ability to spot climbable objects and traps or zoom your binoculars farther to tag more enemies. Plus, there’s an assortment of gadgetry – everything from grenades and C4 to drones that help mark targets, and even remote-controlled sniper turrets that can fire at enemies on your command. Using these to line up simultaneous kill shots is a lot of fun and all of the gadgets really open up the ways to complete contracts. Tagging enemies with the drone, setting up the turret on the edge of a cliff, ziplining down to enemies, then dropping tagged enemies with your turret just by pressing a button on your approach feels really powerful.

The core sniping is still great in Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts and the sandbox maps have a lot of potential. Unfortunately that potential ultimately feels wasted on missions and objectives that have you putting the rifle down and trying your luck with the game’s lesser systems.

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