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There's no doubting he's a super talent that FIFA 23 Coins has the ability to shine in Potter's XI. Stay up-to-date on the latest Chelsea news and opinion via The Chelsea Chronicle's Twitter and Facebook pages.

"Matchday Live"'s FG and Natalie Pike presented each City player with a personal Version of FIFA 23 as well as their scores in games.

Kevin De Bruyne has once time again emerged as the top-rated player of the City squad , with an impressive score of 91 and Ederson is at the top of the table with 89.

Recent signing Erling Haaland joins Portuguese trio Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva at 88. a further ten players also make an appearance with an average of 80.

With the Barclays Women's Super League also made available for the first time in the latest version of the popular game, players from Gareth Taylor's team received their very the first FIFA Ratings.

The 87-year-old Lauren Hemp is the highest-rated City player with defensive duo Alex Greenwood and Leila Ouahabi follow closely on 83.

While some were content with the overall rating they received from FUT 23 Coins buy the game, others definitely weren't! Take a look at their opinions in the video below.

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