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Giga Tourbillon Highly technical mechanism and impeccable styling

The new Giga Tourbillon is a truly remarkable model that required extremely precise development. Once again, the Franck Muller R&D department has used all its expertise to achieve this extraordinary technical feat. What makes it special, as the name suggests, is a very large 20mm diameter tourbillon that takes up half of the watch.

This tourbillon is by far the largest watch ever made. In order to ensure the 10-day power reserve displayed at noon, the Giga Tourbillon is equipped with two pairs of barrels with a diameter of 16 mm, which is in stark contrast to traditional tourbillons that usually only have one or two barrels.

Traditionally wound by the crown, this treasure represents know-how, power and precision. The skeletonized model, which combines beauty and rigidity, reveals a highly technical mechanism and perfect shape. The Giga Tourbillon will delight connoisseurs and lovers of extraordinary timepieces. True collectors should not miss the opportunity to own this masterpiece.

Franck Muller GIGA Tourbillon
Reference : 8889 Pacific Place
Caliber: FM 2100
Movement : Mechanical hand-wound movement Curvex, manual off-centre, 4 barrels
Movement Dimensions: 41.4mm x 34.40mm
Height : 5.30 mm
Display : Hours, minutes and optional seconds on tourbillon
Function : Winding shaft in two positions
Power reserve: 10 days
Frequency : 18,000 vibrations/hour
Tourbillon: Ø 20 mm
Number of components: 240
Number of Jewels : 25
Water resistance : 3 ATMs
Decoration : Côtes de Genève, round grain, hand chamfered
Case : Cintrée Curvex: 18 karat white gold, black PVD treatment
Case Dimensions: 43.70mm x 59.20mm x 14.00mm
Strap: Hand-stitched black alligator leather strap

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Franck Muller CINTRÉE CURVEX™ DIABOLIK Limited Edition

Perfectly curved case and unique profile

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the famous Italian comic "The Devil", Franck Muller and Ronchi Gioielli collaborated to launch a special edition timepiece limited to 25 pieces.

Created by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962, The Devil is a famous Italian comic book. Diabolik is one of the best-selling comics in the world with 150 million copies sold. After the first movie adaptation in 2021, Diabolik II is out this month, in November 2022, to celebrate the comic book's 60th anniversary.

Devils move in the dark. Quick, silent; he blends into the night. He's a black panther with one cold eye, and that's the only part of him that reveals himself to the world.

The aesthetic of this timepiece fits perfectly with Diabolik's character and his mystical spirit, with his mask designed on the dial of Franck Muller's signature watch shape, the Cintrée Curvex™.

The design of the timepiece features a black PVD case and a black lacquered dial to accentuate the devil's gaze. The symbolism of the Diabolik color, the rosso vivo lettering, is reflected on the hands.

This timepiece is also a tribute to Enzo Facciolo (Diabolik's designer), who passed away in 2021. The Cintrée Curvex™ Diabolik was produced in limited editions, one of which was gifted to the designer's nephew.

The idea was born thanks to an acquaintance with one of the designer's nephews and a collaboration with Ronchi Gioielli.Ronchi Gioielli was founded in Milan almost a century ago and has been an official Franck Muller dealer for many years.

This timepiece is also a tribute to Enzo Facciolo (Diabolik's designer), who passed away in 2021. The Cintrée Curvex™ Diabolik was produced in limited editions, one of which was gifted to the designer's nephew.

The Cintrée Curvex™ is Franck Muller's signature shape. Thanks to its perfectly curved case and distinctive silhouette, this collection becomes one of the most exclusive models of the brand.
The unique and gorgeous digital design also makes the Cintrée Curvex very recognizable. This is a true example of vibrant and refined design with timeless elegance.

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Reference : 7880 SC DT Devil NR
Limited edition : 25 pieces
Case : Black PVD Coated Stainless Steel
hand : polished
Glass : Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: up to 30 meters
Dial : black lacquer
20 layers of transparent paint
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
Date display at 6 o'clock
Indication : Winding shaft in 3 positions:
1. Winding.
2. Date setting
3. Time setting
Mobile : MVT FM 800-DT
Self-winding movement with bi-directional oscillating weight
Power reserve: 42 hours
Ingredients : 165
Jewelry : 21
Diameter : 25.60 mm
Thickness : 3.75 mm
Frequency: Balance wheel set at 28,800 alternations per hour
Movement decoration: Côtes de Genève and brushed sun paper on bridges and rotor
Circular texture on both sides of the motherboard
Chamfer 24k gold bath and components rhodium plated Text engraving
24k gold finish on
Round brushes for rotor ball bearings
Brush the sun paper on the barrel
45° polished and brushed with sun paper on ratchet
Polished and blued screws
Bracelet: Black Rubber Strap
Buckle: Black PVD coated stainless steel buckle
hand polished

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