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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 18.05.23 12:07. Заголовок: Consequences of Taking Ibuprofen Empty Stomach

Hey Everyone,

Ibuprofen, I hope most of you are aware of this name. Basically it is a medicine to cure fever and body pain. Ibuprofen is very effective medicine for instant cure in body pain, headache and etc. But do you know the right way to consume this medicine? Well lots of people is taking Ibuprofen on an empty stomach which is a bad habit and also this way is harming your body in several ways. You always should have a meal before taking Ibuprofen. Let me know you what can cause of taking Ibuprofen empty stomach.
1. Ulcer
2. Heartburn
3. Nausea and Vomiting
4. Diarrhea
5. Bleeding

And many more diseases can caught by your body if you take ibuprofen on an empty stomach. Be aware and alerted.

Good Bye, you also allowed to share your opinion in the reply of this topic. I am curious to know your thoughts on this.

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