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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 16.03.23 10:23. Заголовок: Every one of Diablo 4's six classes are fun and distinct from one other

Every one of Diablo 4 Gold six classes are fun and distinct from one other. It's as much of an thrilling experience to raise the dead as a Necromancer like it would be to crush skulls as the Barbarian. Unfortunately, there's only as many options and variations between these classes. The primary issue is the skill list, which is simply too small and linear.

While the player is given only just a few slots of skills to assign at once, there is no deep and compelling tree of skills, which is why it is difficult to make viable options to choose from. One Crusader is basically other Crusader with plus or minus strength. The search for greater strength could be real, however the thrill of creating an individual, fascinating character is altogether absent.

In the event that Diablo 4 is not pay-to-win, it is perilously close. There is no reason to complain about cosmetics sold for actual cash, but the purchase of items that give significant enhancements is a very real and present issue. The biggest drawback to this model of free-toplay is the constant availability of microtransactions. Every time a player plays, they're given the chance to spend real money for imaginary goods. In the main game this problem is essentially nonexistent in the sense that there are no portions of the main story that are truly gatekept by money, and players is able to complete the story without being required to spend a dime.

If PvP and the endgame are taken into consideration microtransactions pose a serious issuesince the purchase of gemstones within Diable cheap Diablo IV Gold gives the advantage to those who want to shell out real cash. This is a requirement however, if it is not kept in check it could spell death of an otherwise fantastic game.

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