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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 15.12.21 16:31. Заголовок: Outlook Keeps Crashing | How To Quick-Fix It?

If your Windows PC is infected with viruses or multiple threats, there would be a high chance of Outlook keeps crashing. This is a quite annoying problem and needs to sort it out as soon as possible. So, here’s what you have to perform whenever your Outlook is crashing while opening it:
Restart your computer system.
Update your Microsoft Outlook with the current released version.
Repair the Outlook account.
Additionally, you are advised to annihilate unnecessary Outlook add-ins.
By implementing any of the aforesaid solving guides, your Outlook will surely stop crashing. You can very frequently begin accessing your Outlook account for emailing or any other tasks.

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